Lifelong support office for families with exceptional children

SIMC always strives to create a better life for families and their children with neurodiversity. SIMC can cover the whole spectrum of help for these children and young adults to become more autonomous in life and fully contribute to society with their potential.

Partnering with a Swiss trust company, we can also help you to set up financial instruments and trusts to ensure the financial security and stability of your loved ones.

SIMC lifelong support office for families can:

  1. support the children together with their families to go through difficulties in life
  2. organize events and activities for the children and their families
  3. support children to reach maximum autonomy in their profession and social integration
  4. provide a lifelong solution with various options according to the age and potential for children from around the world:
  • 6 to 15 years: Specialized education and medical center
    for children with neuro-development difficulties
  • 16 to 25 years: Vocational training and professional education center
    for young adults with neuro-diversities
  • Age of maturity: Lifelong support office for families with exceptional children
    search for place of living and care, professional integration and life coaching
  • Elderly people: Retirement home & equipment
    for elderly people with or without cognitive disorders