Aiming at fulfilling the need for medical and sanitary products in both China and Europe, SIMC provides clients with the best selection in innovative health-care products and equipment.

We have two teams working closely together, one based in Switzerland and one based in China. Both teams are highly focused on client satisfaction and delivering the best-in-market options that comply with the highest EU and FDA standards.

Business objective:
To ensure 100% security in all deals by selecting the best manufacturers in China, including those able to produce and export high-quality products and equipment. Quality assurance is key to SIMC’s business and company brand.

Main markets:
Switzerland, Europe, USA, China

Key clients:
Hospitals and clinics, dealers in protective equipment for industry and medical usage.

We are currently working on client requests.
You can see below the non-exhaustive list of goods and robotic equipment we can provide to customers:

Sanitary protection
Medical disposable suits
Face shields and medical googles
Gloves nitrile and PVC
Surgical gowns and suits
Other sanitary materials

Service robot
For disinfection and general cleaning
Drug delivery and storage

The items mentioned above represent part of our trading business. We are always ready to explore more potential in trading together with our partners and customers. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact our team.

Ms. Anne-Laure HERITIER