R&D of medical & healthcare devices

Drawing from SIMC’s accumulated experience with large scale projects, our company is focusing on identifying, developing and managing advanced medical, healthcare and technological projects in Switzerland and internationally. SIMC works closely with Swiss and international leading experts on people with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) without or with hyperactivity (ADHD).

SIMC has marketed various products in the paramedical field since its inception, including IVDs (in-vitro diagnostic). Our R&D department with a high-level interdisciplinary team who carries deep expertise in patients with NDD, is collaborating with HES-SO Valais/Wallis, searching for innovative solutions to offer highly interactive, efficient, stabilized, adaptive and data-based remote support to parents in order to relieve and support their children with Extended Reality therapies. Psychomotor therapy is one of our specialties and we have generalized it in our projects.

  • For therapists, it is an innovative tool to adapt therapy by improving detailed understanding of patients with remote support, monitor and activity reports generated by the system.
  • For the patients, it is a way to stabilize the benefits of the therapy by practicing at home and make continuous progress without time and space limitations.
  • For parents or caregivers, it offers a real solution to complement the therapy beyond the appointment with the therapist.
  • For the researchers in NDD, it provides a much more complete and comprehensive picture to advance their research.

Our R&D Department is composed of :

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Leading Technology Researcher
  • VR Product Content Manager
  • Art Design & VR Expert
  • IP Patent Writer
  • Neuro-pediatrician ASD expert
  • Child Psychiatrist
  • Psychomotor therapist ASD Expert

SIMC also works closely with three renowned research partners and 2 field partners in Switzerland.

SIMC’s goal is to become a key player in the personalized care of patients with NDD by leveraging the most advanced technologies through therapeutic activities in XR.