During the trial operation period from October 2020 to January 2021, with the guidance and support of Swiss experts on site, CEC received 3 batches of about 30 families into a 3-week diagnostic evaluation orientation, and a multidisciplinary professional team has provided professional comprehensive diagnostic evaluation that meets international standards. The data and results obtained during this period will be used as the basis for creating an individual rehabilitation education program for each child. Although, in only three short weeks, parents began to see various possibilities and hopes from their children. On March 1, 2021, the new semester begins and CEC welcomes new students. So far, 15 students have started their campus life at CEC.
So far, with the support of Institution of Lavigny, SIMC has organised and provided theory and practical training based on the concept of Coordinated Care to 34 teachers, which helped them to enter respective positions after assessment and work together within CEC co-ordinately. Another batch of 20 new teachers have also entered work-study training recently.