(April 4, 2024) SIMC – Swiss International Medical Center SA is thrilled to be part of the DiverSsiTy SA project and is looking forward to continuously supporting it, so to have the opportunity to propose a very effective tool in SIMC’s concept of life-long support to people living with NDD, including ASD.

!!! Today is a special day !!!
World Autism Awareness Day* WAAD is the perfect day to officialize the launch of DiverSsiTy SA, a Swiss startup creating personalized digital therapy & medical tools for patients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders NDD like Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD , mainly focusing on adolescents and young adults.

Based in Valais, DiverSsiTy currently develops digital therapeutics dtx in the form of serious games using AI to allow self-adapting scenarios and delivered in Mixed Reality MR for use in the practice and at home as a therapy follow-up.

A multidisciplinary team of ASD doctors, therapists, and cutting-edge ICT health experts in medtech and deeptech have made this research-based innovation in ehealth possible.

Time to celebrate with the team of experts sharing their passion for this pioneering endeavor. More info: diverssity.io

*Designated by the United Nations in 2007, it promotes this year acceptance and appreciation of autistic people and their contributions to society.
Institute Of Neurodiversity ION

Part of the DiverSsiTy SA