(April 6, 2024) Philippe Zwahlen and Beibei Ao travel to China from April 8 to 15 to strengthen SIMC – Swiss International Medical Center SA partnership with The Center for Exceptional Children. CEC provides top-notch support and care for children with autism and their families in a compassionate and inclusive environment.

During our visit, we’ll travel with CEC representatives, visiting institutions and foundations in Fujian and other provinces. We’ll meet with key figures like Fujian’s Vice-Governor and President of the Fujian Handicap Association, Lin Ruiliang, and Quanzhou Mayor Wang Yongli.

Our aim is to expand SIMC’s partnership with CFPS Le Repuis to enhance services for young people with autism. Le Repuis is known for its expertise in vocational training advocacy for inclusion. SIMC is dedicated to creating life-long support for NDD, including vocational opportunities for young people with ASD globally.